William Wallace, PF, is a fiduciary professional who can offer you, a family member, a client or friend, responsible guidance and service in matters of trust estate administration, probate, and conservatorships of the estate and of the person.  CA Professional Fiduciary, License # 899.

What We Do

Trustee & Successor Trustee

A Trustee is a person chosen to follow instructions set forth in a trust document. The Trustor, or person whose wishes are expressed in the trust, makes the decision as to how all assets are to be managed and distributed, including providing an (at least) annual court or non-court approved formal accountings. A Successor Trustee fulfills the role in place of the original trust creator (Settlor).

Administrate Special Needs Trust (SNT)

The essential purpose of a special needs trust is usually to improve the quality of an individual’s life without disqualifying him or her from eligibility for public benefits. Therefore, one of the central duties of the trustee of a special needs trust is to understand what public benefits programs might be available to the beneficiary and how receipt of income, or provision of food or shelter, might affect eligibility.


The person named in a Will as the one who will carry out the terms in the Will as it goes through the probate process in Court after the Will maker has passed away.

Personal Administrator/Decedent's Estate Administration

This refers to the administration process and closing of a probate case (when a decedent passes away without a will or trust). This typically includes inventorying and appraising the assets, paying and collecting debts, preparing and filing tax returns, and distributing the remaining assets.

Conservator of the Estate

A court appointed Conservator of the Estate fulfills a responsibility to manage the finances and business affairs for the person under a conservatorship. The duty is to protect the assets and keep the conservatee financially solvent.

Bill Paying & Financial Management

This is beneficial as an option on the occasion that a person does not have the time or interest to continue to pay their bills, balance their checkbook, keep track of their business records, etc., but they do not desire to give over this power to a family member or friend.


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